The Goldwasser Restaurant
offers international courses, first of all american Angus, argentinian
Roastbeef, but also Filetsteaks of the ox
and porksteaks of polish origin as well as
spanish Tapas, french Foie gras, ital.
Bruschetta etc.

Our regional specialities as homemade Pieroggen, sour-soup Zurek, knuckle,
duck and apple pieheve been more and more
welcomed by our national and international guests.
The menu is completed by seasonal attractions from the Baltic Sea as Balt.
Salmon, flunder, turbot, Zelaba and the natural
breeding of ducks and gooses. Also the potatoes,
country-eggs and cheese specialities are coming
form the Kashubai.
The vegetables and herbs are growing in an own vegetable-garden.
They are delivered together with field-flowers
to the Restaurant.
The natural products, ingredients and additions are making the difference
in taste and they are healthy. They are an excellent
basis for the creative kitchen guys.