New menu In Goldwasser Restaurant.

We invite you to try the new menu. Proposals  of our chef surprising with  forms and blends of amazing flavors perfect for this time of year. Come and try! Enjoy!

Our own bread

To make our guests more settle, every day we bake fresh bread. Traditional recipes makes our pastries taste great and are the perfect addition to soups, salads and starters

New news


Time for fresh mussels


Chef recommends Mussels a’la marinara in a sauce with white wine and cream with garlic, onion, fresh chopped dill and garlic croutons.

The best beef in the world - Kobe steak from Wagyu beef! Now in Goldwasser restaurant!


In our menu next to sophisticated items like: - starters : three ways Herrings, pan Fried King Prowns, - soups : Countryside Guinea fowl consomme,, Refined creamy lobster soup, - steaks : a'la Chateaubriand or an amaizing Irish Tomahawk, - desserts : homemade violet ice cream, delicate homemade cheesecake accompanied by Italian meringue, it is now time for the best beef in the world... the Wagyu beef!

Tomahawk - Steak from Ireland.


Have a look and taste it. You'll love it. Unfortunately it is like with the ladies - you have to wait for. Ask the waiter how long it's to-day

It is season for Turbot!


Enjoy the fresh turbot in the Goldwasser Restaurant! Select the appropriate weight of the fish from 400g to 1000g over. The asparagus with sauce hollandaise toppes the taste!

Handmade pralines in Goldwasser Restaurant


Considering the history of chocolate in Gdansk, Restaurant Goldwasser produces its own pralines- with traditional flavor and flavored with lavender. Both types of pralines are decorated with gold flake. Try the traditional taste of Gdansk chocolate today! Donate it to someone close or let yourself a moment of sweet forgetting…



Our Spirits of Gdansk


The Goldwasser Liqeur, the Danziger Kurfürsten Digestive, and also the Machandel in the registered unique Machandel glass-barrel-bottle with traditional red-cross-label are exclusively available in: the Restaurant of Kamienica Goldwasser, Długie Pobrzeże 22, Restaurant Fishmarkt/Targ Rybny, at Targ Rybny 6c, and the Goldwasser Coffeeshop, at Długie Targ 28/29. All our spirits gained more and more attention in the last 7 years. The traditional shape of the bottles and the unique labels are the authentic background for this Gdansk spirits - especially of the Goldwasser label with the awake or sleeping angel – depending on the light situation – in the sky, which is connected to the globe with the impressive Gdansk heraldic figure by the gothic Goldwasser logo. Also the remarkable good taste of our spirits Goldwasser and Danziger Kurfürsten matches more and more our clients needs to get an 'golden' present from Gdansk for relatives, friends and employees.