Goldwasser – often titled as
the King of the Liqueurs – is
linked to the more than 1.000
years old town of Gdansk:

The first records mention 1598 when
A. Vermoellen created this nowadays
world-wide and well-known spirit –
being obviously one of the oldest
existing liqueurs.
It's uniqueness is the genuine golden
flakes, floating inside the spirit, which are fascinating the viewer and entitle the
developer in nowadays terms to a marketing genius.
Goldwasser has a wonderful spicy
flavour and its said to have even
a healing power for a lot of physical
and psychical complaints because
of the aurum metallicum inside.
This 'Spirit of Gdansk' has been
dispatched to the courts of
Imperial Russia's Catherine the
Great and European Louis XIV
and reflects the wealthyness
consuming it. No visit to Gdansk is complete without
sampling the local 'firewater' and it is
tradition in Gdansk society to clinc with
Goldwasser glasses celebrating.
Goldwasser – the Spirit of
Gdansk we locked in a bottle
so that you can take it home
for your mother, yourself,
your (business-) friends, family.
This golden present is available:
  • as a present box with a 0,5 l bottle of Goldwasser
    and 2 Goldwasser glasses
  • as a present box with a 0,5 l Goldwasser bottle
    and 0,5l Kurfürsten bottle,
  • as 0,5 l bottle in red bottle-sack,
  • as 0,5 l bottle and 6 glasses of Goldwasser,
    seperately packed,
  • as small bottle 0,02 l – also available
    in a package – for sampling.
The Kurfürsten digestive you can have seperatly, also in
a well matched bottle sack.
The Machandel
in the original bottle – look of a barrel, is sold exclusively
by our Kamienica Goldwasser... our Goldwasser praline handmade by our Goldwasser
Manufactur in Gdansk.